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Adyanpara , the enchanting face of NIlambur Tourism

Adyanpara waterfall is another notable attraction in the tourism map of   Nilambur .This incredible destination   (12 KM from Nilambur) beckons tourists to discover the unique blend of nature and countryside.Whether you are traveling for a bath in the waterfall or pleasure ,Adyanpara makes a great destination.
Best time to visit : June -December
Route : Nilambur -Akampadam- Erumamunda road.

                                                                          An American Traveler     -  Adyanpara  

                                                        Adyanpara ( Nilambur tourism )

                                        Stream flows to Adyanpra Waterfall : Eco tourism Nilambur


Valamthodu Waterfall ,the Best-kept Secret of Nilambur Eco -tourism

Vallmthodu waterfalls are  tallest waterfalls in Nilambur and in Malappuram district  as well. This waterfall ,with sublime beauty is  situated about 24 kms away from Nilambur. More over ,Vallamthodu or Kozhipara water fall is  close to the proposed hill highway  that connects Thiruvanthapuram to Kasargod. The fall,  located in Vallmthodu (Kakadampoyil) of  Chaliyar Panchyat is an ideal picnic spot for those who love trekking and hiking. 

Vallamthodu Waterfall or Kozhipara 

Best Time to Visit : June to February
Route : Nilambur - Akampadam- Kakdampoyil
Route : Calicut - Tiruvambadi-Koodarnji- Kakdampoyil

KSRTC bus service available from Nilambur KSRTC depot.

Destinations in and around Nilambur

Suspension Bridge ( Nilambur Eco -tourism)

< Teak Museum
< Butterfly Garden
< Suspension Bridge
< Collny's Plot-oldest teak plantation
< Nedumkayam
< Vallmthodu waterfall
< Adyanpara waterfall
< Karumbaikotta
<Moolepdam Countryside
<Munderi trekking paths

Teak Museum 

The only urban museum in the world dedicated to teak trees is located at Nilambur,the eco tourism hub of Malabar.Teak museum in Nilambur offers a life long travel experience to visitors who love  trees and nature.

Butterfly Garden 

Butterfly Garden is one of the major  attractions of Nilambur tourism. The butterfly garden is situated at the premises of teak museum and its a  boon to zoologists and researchers as the butterfly garden in Nilambur teak museum accommodates a wide range of butterflies. 

Nilambur Tourism Photos

Nilambur Mountain ranges 

An American traveler rests beside  the Adyanpara Waterfall .(Nilambur)

Karumabikotta ,Edivanna ,An emerging destination in Nilambur